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How do I break my anxiety cycle anxiety?

Have you ever felt totally in the grips of anxiety? Like you simply could not calm your body down? You feel uneasy. Uncomfortable in your body. Helpless. Hopeless. Maybe you even get chest discomfort or your stomach starts to hurt. It gets hard to breathe, and then total panic just starts to set in.

Anxiety can get really bad. Sometimes it feels like it is just related to a stressful situation, but then sometimes it feels like it is just there and won't go away. Like a vague feeling of discomfort and being ill at ease. It can feel crushing and overwhelming. Sometimes it even leads to panic attacks and tunnel vision or even chest pain. Sometimes, it even seems to be present at night during dreaming.

And the medications for anxiety often cause fatigue, drowsiness, or dizziness. Not to mention memory problems. Digestive upset is often a part of this as is a decreased interest in your sex life. What's worse is that these drugs may even increase the risk of suicidal thoughts! Unfortunately, many of these side effects can just get worse the longer you are taking the drug.

For centuries, acupuncture and Chinese medicine have been used to combat mental issues such as anxiety. Even just a single acupuncture treatment can often give immediate relief of anxiety. With Chinese medicine approaches, it is often possible to address the underlying cause of the anxiety so you can achieve long term relief. Improved mental state. Increased happiness, energy, motivation, and fulfillment. And this is done without harm to the body or dangerous side effects. 

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