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Mold exposure can cause problems in almost all areas of the body. We help people heal naturally from mold exposure by treating the body as a whole.

Unexplained anxiety or depression

Unexplained anxiety or depression

Do you experience anxiety or depression? Do you find yourself being easily frustrated or angry? Does it feel like you can’t control your emotions?

Chronic respiratory problems

Chronic respiratory problems

Do you have chronic allergies or sinus problems? Do you have a cold that just won’t go away? Are you always coughing up phlegm? Do you have asthma?

Chronic fatigue and illness

Chronic fatigue and illness

Are you constantly tired? Do you feel like you get sick easily? Is it hard to get over a cold? Does is feel like your body is falling apart?

Are you ready for help?

How it works:

We help people who have been exposed to mold by improving how their body works so they can recover naturally. 

Chronic illness and fatigue

Why is our method different?

  • Our treatment method originates from deep in Sichuan where mold exposure is almost unavoidable. By doing this, we are using a method that has been used effectively for thousands of years. We target the areas of the body that are being affected and we work to strengthen those areas naturally so healing and resilience can occur. We also teach our patients how to address these issues through their lifestyle so they can avoid recurring problems from mold exposure. 
  • Many conventional methods focus only on medications that combat mold. Often, these medications come with serious side effects which can actually make the body weaker and more susceptible. Our philosophy is that we can treat the problem and still make the body stronger.

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