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Aquada is a formula made by Botanical Biohacking based on the classical Chinese medicine formula Er Miao Wan.

Er Miao Wan was designed for a pattern of damp-heat in the lower jiao (urogenital microbiome). This pattern usually presents as a thick and yellow tongue coating, especially on the rear of the tongue. Classical symptoms include: pain and/or weakness in the legs and joints of the lower body, painful or scanty urination, thick vaginal discharge, swelling and pain of the knees; lower back pain; toe nail fungus; dry or snakelike skin on the legs; pimples on the insides of the legs; sticky aftertaste in the mouth.

In modern times, Er Miao Wan has been applied to a wide variety of conditions with a diagnosis of damp-heat. These range from fibromyalgia and some autoimmune presentations to gout, hot flashes, eczema, and fungal infections.

Botanical Biohacking has gone the extra step and sources ultra high-quality herbs for Aquada, which includes active constituents ranging from 2-9 times above the normal requirements for herbal medicine.

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