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Wind Tea is a formula created by Botanical Biohacking inspired by the Chinese medicine Physician Dr. Jin Zhao.

Wind Tea is composed of a combination of two common formulas: Xiao Chai Hu Tang and San Ren Tang.

Xiao Chai Hu Tang is amongst the safest and most commonly used medicinals in the world. It is applied to a wide variety of individuals and has research showing broad effect including: anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiallergenic, hepatoprotective, antidepressive, and numerous others.

San Ren Tang is another common formula used especially in hot humid regions of the world. It has been shown to help promote lymphatic movement and regulate cellular fluid metabolism.

This combination of formulas has been used in a broad range of complex health conditions where the presentation can seem confounding to both patients and practitioners alike.

With the proper Chinese medicine pattern diagnosis it has been used traditionally for a variety of conditions including:

Seasonal allergies

Chronic muscle and joint pain (often associated with fibromyalgia and some autoimmune conditions)

Chronic illness

People suffering from thyroid conditions

Chronic immune system problems

Chronic sinus infections or other infections

Common colds and viral infections

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